How to Escape
the No-Win Trap

A practical approach to resolving life's catch-22 situations

No matter what stresses life may throw at you, there is a way to turn no-win situations into win-win victories. In How to Escape the No-Win Trap, psychotherapist Barbara Berg helps you gain the insight to detect impending double binds--and stay one step ahead them. This invaluable book reveals:

  • How to assess where you are now in your life--and how you got there
  • How to detach from predicaments that don't work for you
  • The three types of double binds: situational, interpersonal, and circuit overload
  • When to keep trying, and when to alter your course, or let go altogether

A book for anyone who found himself in the middle and does not know to escape.

— N.M..

I would recommend this book for price and content!

— L.F.


What to Do When Life
is Driving You Crazy!

Help for Handling Everyday Crises for the Rest of Your Life

There are answers to every dilemma, large or small. In her book, What to do When Life is Driving You Crazy (Creative Options Publications, 1997), Barbara demonstrates in a straight forward, common sense manner, how to create a better life for yourself and others:

  • Lower stress – Free yourself from emotional conflicts
  • Clear your mind to look at your options
  • Step back and understand the crazy-making in your life
  • Determine if you need professional help and how to choose the help you need
  • Understand and handle anger
  • Dissolve hurt feelings
  • Love and accept love
  • Continue to make your life much more fulfilling

Not what I expected... better.

— J.